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H2OVanoss: At The Ice Rink
Delirious tied the strings on his left ice skate, putting it back on the floor and worked on the right one. Vanoss walked onto the huge ice rink in front of them, starting a lap around the entire thing along with another crowd of strangers. Delirious rolled his eyes and scoffed, placing his right foot back on the ground. “What a show off.” He said to himself, standing up. But as soon as he lifted off the bench, Delirious fell over, catching onto the rink border so he would hit the ground. As that happened, Vanoss stopped his skates, smirking at Delirious.
“Come on dude. You’re not gonna spend all day hugging a wall.” Vanoss said, grabbing Delirious’ left hand. Delirious pulled back, only causing Vanoss to lose his balance as the to collided. Vanoss laughed, Delirious growing a massive blush on his face. He shoved Vanoss off of him, standing up as well. “Race you around!” Vanoss yelled, skating off at high speed. Delirious stared in awe, b
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H2OVanoss: It Was An Accident
“HURRY UP DELIRIOUS!!!” Vanoss yelled at me through his mic, almost blowing out my eardrums. “Geez, no need to yell at me…” I replied, getting into Vanoss’s car. But just as I did, a missile going at a million miles per hour hit the car, blowing both me and Vanoss up. Lui’s squeaky voice laughed as I heard Vanoss growl. “S-Sorry.” I muttered quietly. “Sorry?! That was a million dollar vehicle! You being a slow ass got us both killed!” Vanoss yelled back. His voice tone made it sound like he hated me, which made my heart sink. “Dude, it’s just a game. I said I was-…” “Forget it; You won’t be my partner for the next versus.” Vanoss said abruptly.
At that moment, I was in a “Fuck it” mood. I reached over to my computer, leaving the skype call and turning my Xbox off. “I HATE him sometimes.” I yelled to myself, throwing my controller at the wall in anger. The
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H2OVanoss ~ what do you feel?
(H2O's pov)
  I would always get jealous of wildcat especially when vanoss would laugh at anything he said. it's not that I didn't like wildcat he's a funny guy... That is up until I Say something that makes sense and then he starts making fun of me and of course vanoss joins in, I know it's all in good fun but they can go too far at times but I'll just laugh it off like it doesn't bother me.
      I had just gotten onto my xbox and was about to make a gta v video with some of my fans when a certain name popped up, yes vanoss's gamer tag came across my screen inviting me to
an xbox live party in which I dashed for my headset and quickly put it on and plugged it in then accepting the party invite. "Well damn delirious it took you long enough" Marcel joked I laughed "you wanna play some gta with us?" there he was that voice, vanoss my really good friend and yes I have a crush on him if you don't know by now. "yeah sure I'll play" I loaded up gta then joined the game n
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H2OVanoss / Vanolirious - Hickeys
I giggled slightly as Evan pushed me onto the couch, hovering over me. I stared up at him as he stared back; my mask having been thrown to the side. Evan smiled mischievously before lunging down and attacking my neck. 
I gasped as his teeth grazed my neck, followed by his tongue gently licking the spot. He continue the action in a few more spots before he bit down harder on a certain spot. I yelped quietly followed by a moan as he assaulted the spot with licks and nips. Evan pulled away, admiring his handiwork as I'm sure a bruise was now forming there. He grinned and kissed me passionately, holding us there with our lips locked for a good while.
I was out of breath and panting once he pulled away. Evan gazed at me, our faces a mere few inches apart. "I love you Jonathan." He whispered.
I smiled and pecked his lips. "I love you too, now get off." I commanded, pushing on his chest lightly. He groaned jokingly and swung his head back. "I don't wanna mom." He whined before heaving hi
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VanossGaming x H2O Delirious Oneshot
Delirious screamed as the elevator shook. The tornado was getting closer by the second and the man dressed in blue was completely freaking out as he launched missiles into the storm. Vanoss stood to the side, clinging to anything he could grab as the strong gusts of wind blew the rickety machinery side to side. His partner's nervous breakdown wasn't helping the situation any further and the explosions rang in his ears. Delirious kept screaming, profanities lost in the  howl of wind while the tornado came closer, sending debris closer to where they were.
"We're gonna diiiiiiiieeee!!!" The water lover whined as he shot another useless missile, the boom ringing as it blew more shrapnel into the cluttered sky.
"Delirious!We're not going to die!!" Vanoss tried to assure his love who had wild eyes as he stared at the raging storm nearby.
He didn't listen,just shook weakly, similar to the elevator they were on. The wood creaked as some boards flew into the wind, nearly hitting the two me
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H2OVanoss Realization
K, so this is my first fan fiction ever and I absolutely ship H2ovanoss so this is my attempt and yeah it probably sucks. Sorry 😬
~Delirious POV~
I ran behind Vanoss as he was leading me toward where Tyler, Marcel and Lui were standing.
"Die bitch!" I yelled peaking from behind Evan laughing at Lui's dead body in front of me.
I could here Evan chuckling through his mic which made me giggle even more.
Lui spawned close to where me and Vanoss were chilling. We had our loaded guns ready to peak around the wall and shoot. I quickly spun around the corner with Vanoss completely unsynchronized and immediately got scoped from wildcat.
I let out a chuckle whilst yelling "you bitch" towards wildcat. It's all just fun and games.
“Alright, Vanoss. We need...I need... Revenge on wildcat. You in?”
He laughed and agreed.
Evan had a c4 ready in his hand to throw on top of the building where wildcat had originally scoped me. We convinced Tyler to climb up the ladder to get Marcel.
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